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MSRP: Special Price $4,816.00 MSRP: Regular Price $5,600.00

Quick Overview

Velke Hydrostatic 32 FS541 -- WVH32FFS541R

Delivery Consideration(s)
Buyer may be responsible for final assembly of front caster arms included with this model

  • An agile footprint gives you a lightweight machine, avoiding impressions in soft ground.
  • This design is easy on hills, not connected to operator. This provides an easier and safer use on hills.
  • This mower has the benefit of being the most affordable product line in its class.
  • This mower is compatible with Wright Sulky accessories.

More Information
Price 5,600.00
Class Heavy-duty
Region Domestic
Deck Size 32 IN
Deck Style Fixed
Deck Type Fixed-side discharge
Deck Discharge Side Discharge
Engine Model FS541
Engine Vendor Kawasaki
Engine Start Type Recoil
Engine HP * 15 HP
Specifications are subject to change