Shipping & Return Policy

This policy applies only to orders placed through the Wright Manufacturing, Inc. (hereafter "WMI") online store ( All user (hereafter "you," "customer," "my," "I") return inquiries regarding any products, mowers, parts, and accessories purchased through a WMI retail dealership should be directed to that dealership as each dealership may have a different policy. WMI may change this policy at any time effective upon a new revision date above. Please refer to this page to ensure you are familiar with its latest revision.

Shipping Policy

Q: Where can I ship my online mower order?

We currently ship mowers purchased on the Wright online store All U.S. states and counties with the exception of Alaska, Hawaii, and California.

Q: Which shipping options are available for my order?

Delivery Method 1: Customer Pickup at Dealer

Enjoy free shipping to the Dealer of your choice with this method. When picking up your mower from your Dealer, you get to meet the professionals that can provide you with all of your mower support needs. They'll also begin the WMI Mower Pre-Delivery Services before you arrive, which means your mower will be fully ready to operate when you get there. A Wright Dealer representative will then personally guide you through operation of the mower and answer any of your questions.

WMI Mower Pre-Delivery Services:
  • Uncrate mower and dispose of crate lumber in a responsible manner
  • Complete any necessary assembly
  • Perform all other applicable steps in the Owner's Manual chapter: Pre-Delivery Service of Mower by Dealer
    • Direct Customer's attention to the following:
      • Owner's Manual, including Safety Instructions and Warranty
      • The proper operation procedures as explained in the Owner's Manual
      • The importance of safety precautions, safety equipment and preventative maintenance as explained in the Owner's Manual
      • The warning decals on the equipment
      • The terms and conditions of the Wright Limited Power Warranty

Delivery Method 2: Direct Ship to My Selected Address

This method saves you the effort of transportation by having your mower shipped directly to your home or business via a convenient delivery process.

A Wright-selected freight company will call you in advance to set up a delivery appointment at your address using the phone number you've provided in the My Account page. When the truck arrives, the driver will require a signature from the recipient for proof of delivery to send to us at Wright. The type and size of truck that will deliver your mower will depend on the location to which your mower will be delivered - please see the table below for the requirements of each direct shipment method and its respective ship-to address criteria.

Please note that by selecting the delivery method of Direct Ship to My Selected Address, you become responsible for completing the WMI Mower Pre-Delivery Services (listed above) prior to operating the mower for the first time.

Delivery Method Shipping Criteria Amount
Pickup at Dealer
  • Order is shipped to selected Dealer for pickup by Customer
Standard Direct
  • Order is shipped directly to Customer's non-commercial address
  • Mower(s) delivered via lift-gate truck
Commercial Direct
  • Order is shipped directly to Customer's a commercial address
  • Customer address has a standard 48" high loading dock and is accessible for tractor trailers to make deliveries during standard operating hours
  • Customer has a forklift or similar implement to unload a <1300 lbs. mower from a semi-trailer
  • Mower(s) delivered via tractor-trailer

1Fee subject to change at any time

Q: How will I know when my mower has shipped?

Your card will be charged for the total amount of your online order just prior to shipping. You'll then receive an email from Wright confirming the payment transaction and shipment of your mower. The freight company who manages transportation of your mower will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment and ensure successful delivery. Delivery appointments can be made with the freight company Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM local time. All deliveries require a signature of an authorized recipient.

Q: How long will it take for my mower to arrive after placing my order?

A mower is estimated to arrive within 3 weeks after the order has been processed. Customers expect processing to be completed within one business day of submitting their order through the Wright online store.

Q: How is a mower packaged when it's delivered?

All Wright mowers are covered in loose-fitting protective plastic and packed in a wooden crate for shipment and delivery. It is your own responsibility, not the responsibility of the shipping company, to safely remove the mower from the crate and responsibly discard the lumber. If you selected the delivery option during the order process to pick up your mower from a local dealership, the mower will be uncrated, fully assembled, and ready to operate when you arrive to pick it up.

Mid-mount Z and fixed deck walk-behind models require some assembly to be completed after they're delivered, though that final assembly is simple and only requires a wrench to complete. This enables us to pack them in a smaller crate with their additional components shipped in a box alongside the mower.

Q: My mower hasn't arrived yet and it's past the expected delivery date range. What should I do?

For questions about the status of your order or the delivery of your mower, please log in to your online account and click Order Status next to the relevant order number in the My Orders section. If this does not resolve your concerns, please contact our online sales department at or (301) 360-9810.

Q: Will I be reimbursed for any shipping fees if my mower doesn't arrive by the expected delivery date?

No, we will work with you to ensure you're updated on the status of the shipment and expected delivery, but WMI will not reimburse any shipping charges for any delays. This covers any type of delay, including, but not limited to, severe weather and transportation problems beyond the control of WMI and its operating partners.

Return Policy

Q: Can I return a mower that I bought through the Wright online store?

No, all mowers are non-returnable and non-refundable.

If you believe the mower you received was damaged during shipping or is not the model you ordered, please contact us within 5 business days of delivery to help you resolve the issue. We will make every reasonable effort to resolve the problem, which may result in repair or replacement of the respective mower. Please note that any mower that has been used, tampered with, or filled with any fuel or oil beyond what was present at the point of delivery may inhibit optimal resolution of shipment damage or delivery of the wrong product regardless of the period of time that has passed since delivery.

Q: My mower has a defective part that I discovered after using it. Can I return it?

No, if a mower is found to have a defective part not related to damage during shipping, please refer to the Wright Manufacturing, Inc. Power Equipment Limited Warranty to determine eligibility for warranty coverage. A mower's warranty coverage can be found in the mower's owner's manual located on the Wright website. For questions regarding warranty and service, please contact our service department at (301) 360-9810.