Wright Manufacturing, Inc.

Q: What's the story behind Wright?

Bill Wright didn't start out with the intention to revolutionize the landscaping business. He started cutting lawns as a nine-year-old, and continued into his twenties while working as a car mechanic and to help pay for college. Bill bought used and new commercial mowers, tuning them up to improve their performance. He eventually went full-time mowing under the name Lawn-Wright, his crews mowing 500+ lawns per week. In sharing his innovations with other landscapers, he enjoyed helping them work smarter, quicker, more efficiently and to a higher standard. Here are a few examples of mowing firsts from Wright:


As Bill's landscaping business grew, so did the demands of the office. So Bill taught himself database programming to create the first scheduling, routing and invoicing software for commercial cutters. Within five years, CLIP had over 1,000 users and Bill sold this business to focus on commercial mower design and manufacturing.


Frustrated with flimsy grass catchers that clogged up, Bill bought a welding machine and fabricated the first aerodynamic, continuously welded, tubing frame commercial grass catcher. Other landscapers wanted to buy them and dealers wanted to sell them. Wright Manufacturing was born.


Bill's mowing crew members were walking behind their mowers up to 20 miles a day, fatiguing and slowing down as the hours went by. Bill was inspired to develop a stand-on sulky for commercial walk-behind mowers with his mower mechanic, Jim Velke, which is now known throughout the industry as the Velke.


The Velke allowed experienced landscapers to mow all day at the top efficiency of their walk-behind mowers. But Bill and his engineering team took the efficiency and productivity of riding standing up vs. walking or sitting a giant step forward by inventing the first stand-on mower. This marked the beginning of an entire category of commercial mowers. Wright continually perfects a complete line of Standers to tackle any job.

Q: What's Wright's mission statement?

To enjoyably, safely, and profitably participate in the business of manufacturing and promotion of the most safe, useful, durable, and excellent quality lawn equipment in the world.

We endeavor to relentlessly and continuously improve and remove waste from our processes and systems according to lean concepts. We will treat, with the highest respect, each other, our internal and external customers, suppliers, and stakeholders while promoting each other's real success and progress in life.

Wright Mowers

Q: Why are Wright mowers some of the best mowers available today?

Having previously been a landscape company, we listen carefully to our users and work tirelessly to make incredibly high performing and durable commercial mowers.

Q: Why does Wright claim the stand-on mower to be the best mower design?

Stand-ons are faster, lighter, easier on the turf, more ergonomic, and give you more performance for your dollar.

Q: Why is the Wright line of stand-on mowers the best in the industry?

Wright invented the first, and continues to produce the most advanced, stand-on mowing technology available. Our entire line of Standers delivers productivity, quality and reliability that is second to none.

Q: Won't I get more tired standing compared to sitting after mowing for a while?

Not necessarily. Standing is the most ergonomic operator position for mowing: it enables you to shift your weight and positioning on hills, duck under overhead obstacles, and use your legs (instead of your lower back) to naturally absorb any sort of jostling over terrain.

Q: Are Wright mowers compliant with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards?

All of our mowers shipped within North America are certified by the EPA, although some models don't meet the additional requirements of the California Air Resources Board (CARB). These non-CARB-compliant models are not available in California and are designated with the item number suffix "-49S" in all Wright product lists.

Q: Can Wright mowers be converted to operate on propane?

Many of our mowers can be converted to run on Propane—ask your local dealer for available options.

Q: How are engine horsepower and torque calculated for Wright mowers?

We use engines manufactured by Briggs and Stratton, Kawasaki, and Kohler. All engine information is provided by the engine manufacturer and is available on the respective engine manufacturer's website. This information should be used for comparison only, as actual operating horsepower and torque will vary.

  • Kawasaki engines are rated per SAE J1995 gross power testing with 98% + 3rd party verification SAE J2723 labeling/rating.
  • Kohler engines are rated per SAE J1995 gross power testing with revised 95% SAE J1940 labeling/rating.
  • Briggs & Stratton engines are rated per SAE J1995 gross power testing with revised 95% SAE J1940 labeling/rating.

Buy a Wright

Q: Where can I buy a Wright mower?

Wright mowers, accessories, and parts are available for purchase at our 450+ dealers across the country. To search for a dealer, click here. You can also purchase many of our mowers through our online store when shipping to certain US states. For more information on available states, see our Shipping and Return Policy.

Additionally, although all of our mowers shipped within North America are certified by the EPA, some models don't meet the supplementary requirements of the California Air Resources Board (CARB). These non-CARB-compliant models are designated with the item number suffix "-49S" in all Wright product lists. They are not available in California dealerships and cannot be shipped to California when ordered online.

Q: Does Wright offer any discounts on its mowers?

Check our online store home page for the current seasonal discount available for all mowers purchased through the Wright online store. Contact your local Wright Dealer for information on all in-store pricing and discounts, as prices vary among dealerships.

Q: Do I have to pay tax on a mower purchase?

Tax rates vary across states and localities, and tax is added to mower purchases wherever sales tax exists. The tax that applies to your online mower order is simply determined by the address of the Wright Dealer you select during the checkout process, which results in the same tax rate you would pay if you bought it in-store at the dealership.

Q: Can I return a mower?

Contact the dealer from which you purchased the mower to determine if it's eligible for a return and to coordinate the corresponding return process. Mowers purchased through the WMI online store cannot be returned. Please see the WMI online store Shipping and Return Policy for more information.

Online Orders

Q: Why do I have to create an online account to purchase a mower through the Wright website?

By creating an account, you expedite the mower registration process. All Wright mowers sold at the retail level must be registered to qualify for warranty covered services.

Q: Which methods of payment do you accept?

We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa debit and credit cards.

Q: When will my card be charged for my online order?

We'll charge your card just prior to shipping your mower, which may be up to 7 business days after you submit your order. You'll receive communication via email when your card has been charged and when your mower has been shipped.

Q: Can I cancel my online order after I submit it?

You may request your order to be canceled up to the point that your card is charged by contacting Wright at (301) 360-9810 or OnlineSales@wrightmfg.com. After payment has been charged, an order cannot be cancelled.

Q: How long will it take for my mower to arrive after placing my order?

See our Shipping and Return Policy for information about shipping online store purchases.

Warranty and Service

Q: What's the warranty policy on mowers?

We provide a 2-year Commercial & 5-year Residential Limited Warranty for all new Wright mowers. A mower's warranty is transferrable up to the end of the warranty period. A copy of the warranty can be found in the owner's manual included with the purchase of a mower, and is also available for free download from the Wright website. Contact your local Wright dealer to schedule a warranty-covered service appointment.

Q: What are the options for service and maintenance work on my mower?

All warranty covered services must be performed by an authorized Wright Dealer for parts and labor expense coverage. All other maintenance and service work may be performed by any individual or service dealer.

Q: How do I determine which parts I need for service or maintenance work on my mower?

Parts for Wright Mowers can be found by using our parts lookup site. Parts for older models that are no longer current can be found in the illustrated parts lists (IPL) of the specific mower model family. Please note that IPLs are not updated, whereas the parts lookup site is updated daily.